Monthly Archive for: ‘Dezember, 2012’

  • Mother's Mother Supper Club

    Mother’s Mother // Berlin

    Forget about all the latest culinary hypes and trends that are constantly trying to re-invent the art of cooking and our understanding of what is good taste. Mother’s Mother is a supper club that takes you back to the roots: To family mothers from across …

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  • Krauted Haus Supper Club

    Krauted Haus Supper Club // Berlin

    About every second month Samantha’s home in Berlin Neukölln becomes the Krauted Haus, Denglish for a house being crowded by – mainly, but not exclusively – hungry Germans aka Krauts. This endearing term got invented by our British friends early last century because we Germans …

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  • Daniel's Eatery Underground Restaurant

    Daniel’s Eatery // Berlin

    We all need some deep relaxation from time to time, don’t we? So here is a new way to try: Dough boxing. Dough boxing is a fairly unknown discipline invented by Daniel Grothues, freelance designer, self-trained cook, kitchen surfer, the host of Daniel’s Eatery in …

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