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My Flying Table // Wildeshausen

So, after reading the headline you know that Wildeshausen has a private culinary retreat named My Flying Table. Other than that, Wildeshausen doesn’t mean much to you I guess, unless you regularly follow traffic news on the A1 motorway, or are familiar with the details of Wigald Boning’s biography. Not many will know that in 1991, the comedian did even release a music album named after his small hometown located in a natural preserve between Bremen and Oldenburg. Unfortunately, the album “Wildeshausen” in terms of success wasn’t getting anywhere close to its geographic neighbor “Delmenhorst” when immortalized in a song by Element of Crime 14 years later. And so Wildeshausen missed that historical chance for a moment of fame and glory.

My Flying Table

© My Flying Table

However, 20 years later, in July 2011, a new window to the world got opened when Wildeshausen’s first private restaurant My Flying Table took off for the first time. Whilst the table, other than the name suggests, is actually well rooted to the soil, it’s the hosts who are spending larger amounts of their time in the air: Verena works as a stewardess, Timo is a pilot on Boing 737. Their jobs allow them to discover the various tastes of the world and return back home with new culinary inspirations. Verena in particular loves to explore countries through the kitchen door. And whenever there is a stopover in her flight schedule, she will visit local restaurants, stroll through food markets and shops, or attend a cooking class.

My Flying Table

© My Flying Table

The Flying Table is one of the very few fully licensed private restaurants. When Timo, Verena’s husband, introduced her to the idea of secret supper clubs, she was immediately up for it. But an underground operation wasn’t what she wanted, though looking back it’s no surprise to her that most supper clubs go the guerrilla way. Instead, her way started with the Food and Veterinary Office inspecting her kitchen and fridge. Then she had to acquire a restaurant license, register a business and apply for a permission from the Building Authorities although there wasn’t anything to build. She furthermore needed to attend a ½ day training course on the German Restaurant Code and pass a respective exam, and finally, get a confirmation that she had been instructed on food hygiene – which required watching a movie on that matter at the Public Health Department. All together, it took 3 months until she was officially permitted to turn the winter garden of her house with the open kitchen and a large fireplace into a restaurant for up to 10 paying guests.

My Flying Table

© My Flying Table

Only 1½ years later, My Flying Table has 1500 visits per day on its website and a guest book that keeps an impressive record of more than 100 dinners with hundreds of happy guests from all over Germany and some even from abroad. For every month, Verena creates a different menu that reflects the season. The price for a 6-course dinner is €65, wine will be charged extra. Not an economy class tariff for sure, but a first class culinary treat. Still, Verena isn’t fully sure whether her restaurant is in the black or red. What counts most to her is that people have a good time whilst bookkeeping is for later. And a balance sheet will never be able to take into account anyway the enormous pleasure My Flying Table gives her. What started as a sideline has meanwhile become her main occupation. She has cut down her airline job to 8-9 days per month and does already have a new project in mind, the My Flying Table cookbook.

If you are planning a trip to the North of Germany, why not take the opportunity for a tasty stopover at My Flying Table? We just kindly ask you to first make yourself  familiar with the following safety instructions: Already now in January, all dates up until mid May are fully booked. So please check the calendar on the My Flying Table website before fastening your seat belt to head northwards. Funtasty Adventures wishes all passengers a pleasant flight!

For a foretaste on My Flying Table that doesn’t require traveling, here is an original Japanese tuna recipe that Verena has brought back home from one of her flights to Asia.

  1. Norbert & Ria BöhmertNorbert & Ria Böhmert02-19-2013

    herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Ihrer Idee.

    Ich würde das gern im tiefsten Bayern machen und möchte Sie nun fragen, ob / wie das anzumelden ist, oder in welcher Geschäftsform man das führen muss ???

    Oder was haben Sie eingetragen oder Angemeldet ?????

    Handelt es sich bei ihnen um einen Verein oder sonstiges ??????

    Bei der Anfrage hier vor Ort, um für beispielsweise 20 Leute zu kochen und Alkohol auszuschenken braucht man eine Gaststättenkonzession, was sehr schwierig und kompliziert, ja fast unerschwinglich ist bei einem Neuanfang.
    Wir hätten ein Atelier (tolle Athmosphäre) und eine Küche, aber das Gewerbeamt sagt die normale Haushaltsküche ist nicht geignet für ein Restaurant/Gaststätte, da verlangt man eine total eigene abgetrennte Küche mit allem drum und dran bis hin zur Edelstahleinrichtung.

    Könne Sie uns einen guten Rat geben ??????

    Für eine Antwort wäre ich Ihnen sehr dankbar, vielleicht könnte man ja auch zusammen arbeiten oder sich austauschen ????

    Liebe Grüße
    Norbert & Ria Böhmert

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