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  • Blattgold Supperclub

    Blattgold Supperclub // Dusseldorf

    Still today, the simple question for a vegetarian dish can drive some restaurant staff close to hyperventilation. But the least recommendable thing in German gastronomy if you want to enjoy the warm feeling of being loved and welcome is: Trying to order a vegan menu. …

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  • Magic Garden Supper Club

    Magic Garden Supper Club // Dusseldorf

    Abracadabra, and straight from the garden onto the table! This is the magic formula for Magic Garden Supper Club’s just-in-time-supply system, as modern logistics would call it. Until just an hour ago, the salad on your plate will have stretched out its roots into the …

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  • Green Cookery Lounge Profilfoto

    Green Cookery Lounge // Dusseldorf

    Welcome to the Green Cookery Lounge, Dusseldorf’s first secret wishing table for vegetarians – and anyone else who would like to discover how rich and exciting vegetarian dishes can be. It’s a pretty intimate and exclusive place, a maximum of only 32 diners per year …

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