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    Summer of Supper Part 2 & 3 // Cologne

    Summer heat has finally hit Cologne for good. Tons of pre-marinated pork neck steaks must have got laid to rest on a bed of charcoal over the weekend. Meanwhile, the Summer of Supper has gone vegan/vegetarian: 2 chef teams from Dusseldorf have taken over the …

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  • Blattgold Supperclub

    Blattgold Supperclub // Dusseldorf

    Still today, the simple question for a vegetarian dish can drive some restaurant staff close to hyperventilation. But the least recommendable thing in German gastronomy if you want to enjoy the warm feeling of being loved and welcome is: Trying to order a vegan menu. …

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  • b.alive dinner club

    b.alive dinner club // Berlin

    Vegan food isn’t considered the funkiest diet by most of us. But vegan raw food? That brings up images of skinny extremists hugging trees and worrying about their karma all day. If that is what comes to your mind, you probably haven’t heard of Boris …

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